You may feel daunted about visiting a therapist or counsellor - You may be feeling worried or intimidated about talking to someone you don’t know, or to open up about how you feel.

By sharing how other people have experienced therapy and counselling with me, I hope to show you how therapy helped them and how it may help you too:

"You have been fantastic - I can stand up for myself so much better now!"

"You have been a big part in our relationship story and we really value your input"

"My session with you was incredibly helpful - I enjoyed meeting you and you allowed me to re-structure my own view of things"

"Season’s greetings and a big thank you for helping us arrive at our own Happy Christmas!"

"Dear friends , I am delighted to tell you that after much talking and new insights,attitudes and love-we are back together again. PS our brilliant therapist might have helped a bit too!"

"Coming and chatting to someone I could trust, for once, not to breathe a word was vital…"

"It has been good to be able to talk about all those things that usually don’t get discussed…..thank you for your listening ear"

"Writing to thank you for your compassionate presence-you allowed me to hear myself in a very different and more positive way, than I have for a long time."

"Things have changed massively since speaking to you yesterday. I now realise I have been operating out of ‘child’ for the bulk of my life and the revelations have been stunning."

"I would never have believed such changes could occur ,or that just properly analysing the ‘Christmas argument’ could have such profound consequences"

"Thank you for all your help-I am going back to Uni with new found confidence, I couldn’t have done it without you"

"To be honest it is like a weight has been lifted - we are all more relaxed and sleeping and now like a real family again!"

"Thank you for the patience, support and guidance you have shown our son and ourselves - he is now substance free and you have been invaluable"

"Thanks so much for the help, it was all really good advice and we will try your suggestion out. It feels right  that it is a real turning point and hopefully both of us can find some clarity. I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly…what would my family do without you?"

"Just emailing you to let you know how I got on with my exams - I passed them all!!! Thank you for all your help and encouragement and I feel I am finally in control of my problems and that I deserve to be on my university programme. I honestly don’t think I would have done anything constructive with my revision period at home without our sessions"


A poem from a client:


I can do deep meaning
or I can block the pain
I can make you roll your eyes
as my script appears again.

I’ve fought, rejected, acted out,
my grief, my rage, my shame,
yet you have shown me true regard
and accepted me again.

Relationships are costly
In emotion, trust and time,
but I have valued greatly
and learnt from yours and mine.

I feel the need to finish,
say sorry for the trouble
but fear I’ll really miss you now,
sitting in your ‘’bubble!’’

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to enable us to meet and decide if we can work together. It also allows you to outline your needs and see if counselling, psychotherapy or life coaching is for you. Contact me to make an appointment.