What Happens Next?

The most difficult part is the first telephone call, so to decrease your anxiety, I will talk you through it:

On your first call I will endeavour to arrange your appointment as soon as possible. A date and time no more than a week away will be suggested but if you feel it is an emergency and can tell me, I may have a cancellation to offer you.

If, however you get through to my answering machine, you need only leave your name, contact number and a convenient time for me to reach you and I will try to ensure that I get back to you within a few hours (unless it is late at night, in which case it will be the next morning).

I will personally meet you, on arrival at my office, which is a private, separate building, tailor made to be as peaceful and cosy as possible.

In this relaxed, warm environment you will hopefully be able to describe the problem you are having and if not, I am there to help the process.
The treatment room at Sanctus


accredited 2018

My qualifications include:

  • an honours degree in Psychology
  • a diploma in Advanced Counselling
  • an advanced diploma in the Applications of Integrative and Relational Approaches to Transactional Analytic Counselling and Psychotherapy

I hope you have found all of the information you need on my website, about my working practice and principals. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions and I will happily answer speak to you further.