Linda Hogarth

Linda Hogarth - founder of Talk It Through

A fully qualified, experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and coach with 20 years’ experience.


I work with individuals, families, couples and small businesses and groups.


I work with all sexual orientations, cultures and religions.


I am professionally updated through regular supervision and continuing professional development CPD and am able to provide individualised treatment to children, adolescents and adults from a variety of backgrounds to help them achieve their goals or improve self-understanding.


What I do

If you are scared, depressed, or just confused, I can help you understand your situation. Provide a tailor made environment to lessen stress and where you can explore new choices.

I will help you find your own gifts and your own inner strength and courage.

I enjoy using humour and believe that relaxing our tense grip is what makes it possible to address the most vulnerable parts of our past and present. We may work on revising and refreshing attitudes, changing behaviour, examining and strengthening your healthy beliefs or finding totally new ways to cope.

We will problem solve the obstacles in your life, and imagine new ways of being that will free you from your current distress. Find out more about how I work.

How I can help you

  • For Individuals +

    I specialise in assisting people during the times of their lives when they do not know where to turn... Read More
  • For Couples +

    Every relationship journeys to the point of transformation. I work to help couples whose relationships are in crisis... Read More
  • For Groups and Organisations +

    I also offer counselling and coaching for groups and organisations - contact me to find out more
  • Testimonials +

    Read some of my testimonials to find out what my clients think of my service... Read More
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I am passionate about creating a work/life balance and through my own interest in travel, art and photography I am hopeful that this will in turn speed your journey through the changes you wish to make.
I hope you have found all of the information you need on my website, about my working practice and principals. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions and I will happily speak to you further.